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The address for the Day Out of Time Festivals in 1999


Although this address was sent via Fax and spread by word of mouth, over 100 festivals in Japan and nearly 300 festivals worldwide were held on the Day Out of Time by the people who resonated with it.

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The nearly 300 festivals or concerts were generated voluntarily by the people who desired to create festivals. The participants had various experiences and rainbows appeared. July 25 1999 became a special day for many artists and participants.

Many bonds were made among the people who participated in the festivals. The artists who had concerts under the title ''the Day Out of Time'' began to think about time and have philosophy of time.

At this time when people all over the world began to be aware of ''time'',
with the thought that ''we can make a great impact on the earth and human spirit'',
we would like to call worldwide to hold ''festivals on the Day Out of Time'' and make a rainbow bridge around the earth on July 25.

The soul of the festival has been lost.
Festivals seem only to be held for sightseeing purposes.

''Why did festivals turn into mere sightseeing attraction?''
Because the people have lost touch with the ''natural rhythm'' within their daily lives.

Before introducing the Gregorian calendar 140 years ago, people in Japan would face the sunrise each morning and clap their hands and bow in prayer for a moment before starting the days activities. They would also admire the moon.

Agricultural activities at that time would involve observation of insects and sees to predict the following day's weather, along with sometimes prayer.

When it came time to harvest the crops, they were thankful to the land, the sun, and everything being connected. At harvest time, they would hold a thanksgiving festival out of a true feeling of gratitude and appreciation.

The basis of public entertainment was songs, dances, and ''festivals'' originating from within the spiritual climate of ''appreciation'' for nature.

However, when agriculture with pesticides and chemical fertilizers came into being, they mistakenly believed that thanks to the chemical fertilizers they reaped a large crop.
They would forget to be appreciative of the sun, the land, microorganisms, and bugs.

The recognition that all is connected has been lost from people's hearts. In other words, a feeling of gratitude has disappeared and the soul has been lost from the festival and festivals have turned into a mere sightseeing attraction.

The farmers must feel that it is because of the soil, the sun, and the air that they were able to reap a harvest. They should have a true understanding that all is connected;

that only when these elements came together, would it be possible to reap a harvest.
To recognize this appreciation, festivals called ''kanshasai'' (thanksgiving festivals) were held at local shrines.

At these festivals people would sing and dance and an overall spiritual balance of the village would be maintained.
Also, these festivals were held annually at harvest time according to the natural dynamism.

It can be said that art was performed according to the universal rhythm.

Within the dynamism of nature and the function of society, ''festivals'' played the important role of elevating the spiritual level of the entire village and maintaining the spiritual balance.

To feel that everything is connected

Even through observing one flower, the universe can be known.
Like many literati and poets.

At one time, all people actually lived in such a way.

Since the days when poetry books called ''manyoushu'' were commonly kept, Japanese would stare up at the moon, look at the flowers in bloom, watch the snow and create such poems.
This was not done as a pastime, but was life itself.
That is what it means to live on this earth.


If the true original form of ''festival'' exalted the collective spirit of the village.
thus changing the consciousness of the people,
then entertainment and art resulted from this.

Now if artists with the should of the festival are serious,
and this elevated spiritual level is shared by their friends,
then the consciousness of the people can be changed.

Then to make a festival from such an atmosphere should be very successful.

The purpose of the festival was to circulate the matters of spiritual world within the material world.

However, modern-day Japanese society has forgotten the role of art, the social support function of festivals.
As an example, Japanese society has completely forgotten about the power of festivals to heal people's souls. Society does not believe in such things because it has separated the mind from the heart.

If society does not change, if people do not raise their awareness, if society does not make changes to gradually start to understand the meaning of art, and of music, then Japan's regeneration in the 21st century cannot be foreseen.

Festivals, art, and public entertainment are types of social support.
Why shouldn't artists create this festival while consciously thinking about reaching this truth?

On July 25, a festival that will synchronize the sun, the earth, and the human spirit.
A festival that will continue multiplying like living cells.

People will naturally, without trying excessively, call out to those that have the spirit of festival in their hearts.
The spirit of festival naturally spreading from person to person and unifying them in spirit,
this unification spreads throughout the world and each person sharing a defined vision;
this is the goal of the ''Day Out of Time'' festival.

The artists that take the initiative to create a meaningful atmosphere when holding their concerts (or festival), will surely become aware of ''time'' and ''location''.

We will start to fell and think about what is necessary to facilitate the creation of an elaborate atmosphere and a moment that will raise the awareness of the people.

Then the people that participate in this ''festival'' and raise their awareness together with the artists, will not only be receptive to this exaltation of their awareness, but will also begin to seek out art that raise their awareness.

It is then that the audience will begin to feel the true meaning of art again.
Won't people begin to seek the circulation of the spirit and phenomena?

By a slight shift in the awareness of the artist, isn't it possible to foresee that the music scene will also change?

Can't you see that the people will begin to feel the meaning of the art again?

Through a change in the awareness of the people who organize traditional festival, ''festivals'' will be reborn from the current tourist attractions, to something that has a soul.
Can't you hear the footsteps of this transformation along with the sounds of the sacred ''o-kagura'' (music and dance) of the new era.

If this festival continues, if the spirit of this festival spreads, then the festival on July 25, 2012, should become the festival that would influence 130,000,000 Japanese.
To influence all of the 7 billion people on earth

While feeling the spirit of festival arising within each person, wouldn't you like to being to live tranquilly, within nature, within the movement of the universe?

From the feeling that is instilled in people by this ''festival'', if a prayer for the earth is born, then festivals held merely for sightseeing, would be reborn as a ceremony of ''prayer'' fro the new earth.
In this age when pollution on a global scale is rapidly increasing,
there is a great meaning in festivals and in the change of consciousness of the people who create ''festivals''.

A great ''correspondence'' that has never taken place, may be born from Japan.

The ''festival'' will enable a circulation of the spirit and phenomena in the dynamism of the natural rhythm, and allows a constant reformation of consciousness.
A ''festival'' that continually changes consciousness will, as Gaia, breathe life into the world.

I hope I can feel it with all of you.

If the desire to hold a festival is born, if sympathy is learned,
then let us hold a festival on July 25th!

People who can gather 10 people, gather 10 people.
People who can gather 100 people, gather 100 people.
People who can gather 1,000 people, gather 1,000 people.

With a natural feeling, without trying excessively,

realizing the concert, the event, the prayers.

In other words, would you like to hold a spirit raising festival?

Let us know what you will be doing on July 25th.

This is a call for the purpose of reviving the original spirit of festival, to activate Gaia (life on the earth) through imagination, by creating space where spiritual levels are exalted, and by sharing where, by who and what kind of festivals are being held.

This is the framework of the ''Day Out of Time'' festival.

You yourself, by creating a meaningful atmosphere, by giving your all to raise people's spiritual levels from that location, and by consciously sharing this feeling with many artists, will share a mutual feeling of being connected to one another through the mutual experience of creating a meaningful atmosphere and making a moment, ''Out of Time''.

Would you like to make it possible for people to share in this experience through the elevated spiritual levels of your friends and the audience, and the birth of moments ''Out of Time'' across the globe?

I would like to experience the feeling of exalted souls brought together at various locations around the world, in moments ''Out of Time''.

Hirohide Yanase, Producer
Environmental Consciousness Communication Institute
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