Come celebrate the Day Out of Time, Yellow Crystal Star this year. A day to come together in common-unity to co-create harmony and sovereignty. It is the 365th day of the 13 Moon Calendar, where all over the world people will be celebrating ‘Time Is Art’ with Sacred Ceremony, Forgiveness and Joy!

A time to have gratitude for all that we have experienced in the past year and prepare for the beginning of the New Year on July 26th with Sirius rising with the Sun. A wonderful event that augurs the begining of a new cycle of the Earth around the Sun.

All are welcome, to come and share their offerings.. If you would like to offer a skill or passion, let us know and we can add you to the days events.

We will be posting the loose timing of the order of the day, for those that are able to come just for a short time. Although it would be lovely to celebrate with you all for the whole time, you are still encouraged to come, even for a short time.

This event is by Koha and fueled with Pot Luck, so bring your abundance, food, skills, joy, passion, listening, sharing and of course your big heArt…

We are also looking at having Sweat Lodge on the 26th, the next day, Red Cosmic Moon, so let us know if you would like to stay the night and begin the New Year purified!